Admission Policy

OJOMOH EDUCATION CENTRE is established to admit and train students/pupils irrespective of their race, gender, nationality, colour, religion and ethnic origin. The organization does not and will not discriminate on the bases of race, gender, nationality, colour, religion and ethnic origin in the administrations of its educational policies, athletic or social programs and admission policies. Prospective pupils/students of our school are evaluated not only on the basis of academics but a general overview on their character and behavioural background including reports from former schools attended. Their academic evaluation is conducted by the admission committee and pupils/students must score at least 50% average to be eligible for admission. Pupils enrolling for the pre kg level must meet age requirements of 2 years old by 1st September of the admission year. KG1 pupils must be 3years of age prior to September 1st, and pupils entering into Primary 1 must be 6years of age as at September 1st. Students for J.S.1, the should be 10years old on or before September 1st and must have completed the primary school programme. Admission into other classes in the Junior Secondary is based on availability of spaces at the time of request but for senior secondary, admission is only opened for S.S.1. OJOMOH EDUCATION CENTRE reserves the right to refuse admission to any pupils/student who is evaluated as ineligible because of age, academics, character, behavioural problems, or unacceptable past conduct. The deliberate misrepresentation or falsification of any document submitted to the school will lead to the pupil/student being expelled. The school reserves the right to revokes a pupil or students admission for unacceptable conduct of the parent(s).