Attendance Policy

One of the keys to successful academic achievement is regular attendance at school. All school days in the calendar are considered full days unless otherwise specified through notification of special events. All activity days are compulsory attendance days. School attendance becomes a permanent part of the child’s record. Regular attendance remains essential to the success of a student’s school experience. It is almost impossible to make up or compensate for being absent from class as any work done to make up what was missed during an absence is a mere effort to bridge the gap in the classroom experience. The school authority discourages taking extra days before and after a scheduled vacation, mid-term break or any time school is in session. Students are only allowed at most five (5) excused absences for the entire term. An absent is defined as not attending school, not attending a class, or both. Any student in the school accumulating more than (5) excused absences may be retained in that class at the end of the academic year. In case of illness, a written note from the parent for the absence to be marked and excused. Telephone conversation does not in any way replace the written note and it is the parent/guardian’s responsibility. Absences are classified either as excused or unexcused.