Students' Health Condition:

We encourage parents to disclose the true health conditions of their children to enable us provide the best care in time of emergency.


We do not encourage the use of non-school approved electrical and electronic gadgets. We have two dedicated school telephone lines and pupils and students can be contacted during school times on these lines. Click on our School Rules and Regulations.

Parents Dressing:

We sincerely appreciate the cooperation of parents in dressing appropriately when in the school premises as we may be forced to deny entry.

Communication and complaints procedure:

We have a Complainants Resolution procedure in the school and this begins with every issue being reported first to the Principal or Headmaster/mistress.

Birthday Celebrations:

Pupils and student may, with advance arrangement with the Head Teacher or Class Teacher, celebrate birthdays break period. We do not allow home cooked food to be brought in or shared.

Contact Address/Phone No. Changes:

Parents should report promptly to the school registry any changes in residential address or telephone number.