Parents' Information

Students' Health Condition:

It has been observed that some parents do not like disclosing the real health status of their children for some reasons but we cherish your children and we are concerned about their health condition so that we can render necessary assistance when the need arises.
Note: Any parent keeping the true health information from the school is taking a great risk as this may lead to the student’s expulsion.


Since not all students can handle electrical gadgets meticulously, all electrical appliances that may cause harm to the child or to the schoo would be confiscated without return.

Parents Modest Dressing:

We sincerely appreciate the cooperation of parents in dressing appropriately when in the school premises for visit or attending functions. Your modest attire helps to set a good example for our students, Any clothing, item or accessory, which the school deems inappropriate or distracting, may result in denial of entrance into the school premises.

Communication and complaints procedure:

Matt 5:23,24 exhorts us to make every effort to live at peace with all men and also gave principles and means of reconciliation when differences arises.

  1. Complainants are first to approach the person the person directly concerned in the case of a Tutor.
  • Any parental concern regarding an occurrence at school is a school concern and should be brought to the school and not to the parent of any other child involved.
  • Complaints may be made orally in the first instance.

    2.  The person who a concern is being made has a right to fair hearing.
    3.   If complain is not resolved satisfactorily, you may go to the next level of authority for justice.

    Birthday Celebrations:

    Celebration of students birthdays may be celebrated with classmates during the during the break period. All birthday celebration should be arranged in advance with the Head tutor and Rector through Class tutor . Birthday songs will be sung within the classroom and prayer will be madde for the celebrant . Please note thst no edible item mus be shared to the pupils /students during the birthday celebration since we would not know the source of those items.This is for the security of our children.

    Contact Address/Phone No. Changes:

    Parents should report promptly to the school registry any changes in residential address or telephone number after enrolment. This is to ensure that records are correct in case of an emergency.