Technological Policy

The continuous relevance of technology in our society and its use in education presents many exciting opportunities for both our students/pupils and tutor. As an adaptation of innovation and a bid to make information much easier and accessible globally, DPEC Portal is the medium for result prints out, for holiday project print out. Coming to school for result and holiday project print out after purchasing pin will attract a token of #500.00.

Computer Use Policies

  1. Computers are to be used by permission of the teacher and for school-related purposes only.
  2. Students should save files only on the personal disks they receive from their teacher.
  3. Students should not make unnecessary printouts.
  4. Students will be charged a fee for personal printouts.
  5. Students are not to engage in activities that hinder another ability to do his work.
  6. Students are not to misuse or abuse hardware and will be responsible for repairs or replacements that result from mishandling.
  7. Students are not to change or manipulate software or operating environments.
  8. Disks brought from home must be scanned for viruses or inappropriate material before use on any computer in the OJOMOH EDUCATION CENTRE system.
  9. Students are not to try to repair computer malfunctions or breakdowns. Such situations should be immediately reported to a supervising teacher.
  10. Students should not view or open any improper or sexually suggestive site(s).