Visitor Policy

We believe that tuition payment are investment in your child’s education and it is the responsibility of  OJOMOH EDUCATION CENTRE directors to formulate policies concerning the amount of tuition and method of payment and to ensure that adequate financial resources are available for the operation of the school. OJOMOH EDUCATION CENTRE has financial and contracted agreements with staffs and vendors which enable the school to achieve her purpose for the students. These obligations necessitates that parents make firm financial commitments to the school.
Therefore, this means parents should make payments of school fees on or before resumption of every sessions or terms as the case maybe. However, parents could enjoy a grace of two weeks after resumption to pay up their dues. Otherwise, their children/wards will be deprived of entering the classroom.

All payments should be made into any of the under-listed school bank accounts and the teller should be exchanged for school receipt at our bursary department.